Kanadische Terminologiedatenbank TERMIUM jetzt frei zugänglich

TERMIUMUntil now, TERMIUM Plus, one of the largest terminology and linguistic data banks in the world, was available only to employees of the Government of Canada and to subscribers. Those days are over! All Canadians—and all Web surfers, wherever they are—can now consult the Translation Bureau’s flagship product free of charge.

You now have access to TERMIUM Plus through the Language Portal of Canada, a new site that gathers together a vast collection of linguistic and terminological references from many Canadian organizations.

More than 30 years of research and development have made TERMIUM Plus an outstanding information resource for all who work with languages. The data bank has almost four million terms in English, French and Spanish. Users can find translations for general and technical words and expressions in practically all fields of human endeavour: administration, informatics, environment, medicine, agriculture, industry, sports and the arts. TERMIUM Plus records are created by language professionals who keep a close eye on trends in language: that makes it a reliable and useful tool for everyone.

Do you want to obtain the latest terminology in nearly all fields? Find the equivalent in either official language of an acronym, initialism or abbreviation? Find an expression using keywords? Improve the clarity and effectiveness of your communications? Save time?
Finding the right words has just become easier with the Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank. In recent years, TERMIUM Plus has grown to more than four million terms in English, French, and Spanish. There is also an interesting selection of writing tools to help you with any questions you may have about usage and style.

Why use TERMIUM?

Because it is:

  • a trilingual data bank that gives the precise English, French or Spanish equivalent to designate anything from a simple tool or a complex machine, to a disease or plant, association or committee. Almost every field of human endeavour is covered;
  • a unilingual data bank that can be used to check the meaning of a specialized term or find the meaning of a term in a leading-edge field;
  • a writing assistance tool that provides access to 14 electronic resources.

For its content:

  • 3,900,000 terms and names, with definitions, contexts, examples of usage, observations and phraseological units;
  • specialized and highly specialized terms not found in any standard bilingual data bank;
  • terms organized by subject, ensuring the ultimate in accuracy;
  • extensive and reliable data in nearly all fields;
  • standardized English and French terminology;
  • a wide range of official titles including names of national and international organizations, statutes and programs, as well as abbreviations, acronyms, initialisms, geographical names, etc.;
  • records resulting from terminologists‘ participation in national and international standardization committees;
  • bank updated by 40 terminologists whose main job is to keep it current with the latest information;
  • 50 000 modifications per year (record creation, deletion of outdated data and expansion of existing records). 

For its features:

  • one of the largest linguistic data banks in the world;
  • a product of over 30 years of research and development (terminology and informatics);
  • terminology spanning nearly every field of human knowledge;
  • word-combination searches;
  • full text searches using key words;
  • user-friendly interface: query in English, French or Spanish.

Do you want to:

  • obtain the latest terminology in nearly all fields?
  • find the equivalent in either official language of an acronym, initialism or abbreviation?
  • find an expression using key words?
  • improve the clarity and effectiveness of your communications?
  • save time?

THINK TERMIUM! THE definitive writing and editing tool!